Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag Seminar is an informal research seminar for students and faculty. It takes place on Tuesday from 12 a.m. until 1 p.m. (in room HS VIII (-1 341 Old ReWi Building).

Please note that until further notice, the Brown Bag seminar will take place online.

The seminar serves the purpose of giving doctoral students and faculty a platform for presenting their current research. Talks about unfinished projects or even project ideas are particularly welcome. All talks will be held in English.

All faculty members and students are kindly invited to attend the seminar. Please feel free to bring your lunch along.

The announcements of upcoming talk will be sent by email to anyone subscribing to the Brown Bag Newsboard. Below you find the instructions how to subscribe to the newsboard. Moreover, a list of future and past talks can be found on this website.

Presenters may bring along an evaluation sheet in order to get feedback about their presentation skills. The presenter is kindly requested to bring a sufficient number of copies of the evaluation sheet to the seminar.

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