Introductory Econometrics WS 2023/24

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. van Ewijk, Timo Münz
ID Number: 03.897.0020
Contact Time: 2 SWS lecture
Credits: 3 ECTS
Time/Place of lecture:

Wednesdays   08:15 - 09:45   P4 (00-171)

Thursdays       08:15 - 09:45   P3 (00-151)

First Lecture: 02. Nov. 2023
Last Lecture: 21. Dec. 2023
Language: English



This course aims to provide students with a thorough background in the fundamentals of econometrics. After the course, students should be able to understand the basic concepts and methods of econometrics; should be able to read and interpret research and should master the basic steps for conducting statistical/econometric analyses in own research projects. This course furthermore serves as a basis for subsequent master courses in which statistical methods will be learned or applied.


Stock JH, Watson MM (2019). Introduction to Econometrics. Pearson. 4th edition.

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Course materials will be downloadable from the e-learning platform Moodle.