Microeconometrics A: Causal inference & advanced techniques



Students will advance their knowledge of how econometricians deal with the causality issue (i.e. estimating causal relations when true experiments are not possible). You will learn in detail about several important methods from the “econometric toolkit” and apply these yourself using the program Stata. These methods include regression discontinuities, difference-in-differences and instrumental variables.


Learning goals

After the course, students should:

  • understand how econometricians try to investigate causal relations by use of natural experiments
  • have a thorough understanding of a set of advanced methods and techniques that are regularly applied by econometricians
  • be able to apply these techniques on actual data using the program Stata



Cunningham, Scott. Causal inference: The mixtape. Yale University Press, 2021.

This book is available at Causal Inference The Mixtape (scunning.com).