Applied Econometrics and Health SS 2022

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Reyn van Ewijk
ID-Number: 03.897.3280
Contact Time: 4 SWS lecture
Credits: ECTS: 6 ( 3 + 3)
Time/Place of lecture: Thu., 12:15 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. / 00 275 PC-Pool
First Lecture: Stata introduction to be announced
First regular class: 05.05.2022
Grade: Written exam


The course Applied Econometrics and Health


Stata Introduction

The course starts with Stata introductory tutorials held by Dr. Constantin Weiser. Since we will be using Stata throughout the course, it is mandatory that you have completed these Stata introductory tutorials before this course.

The Stata introduction takes place in the week of April 26th. The schedule and organizational details on this Stata introduction are available on ILIAS:

The regular sessions of the course Applied Econometrics and Health will start on Thursday, May 5th.


The course has two goals:

  1. You will learn econometric methods that are commonly used in empirical economic research when trying to obtain causal estimates when experiments cannot be done. These methods include instrumental variables, regression discontinuities, fixed effects and difference-in-differences.
  2. You will learn about a number of important topics in the field of health economics. For example:
    1. The economics of unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and obesity: Here we try to answer the question why people do things that are harmful to them. And should the government intervene when people behave unhealthily? And how?
    2. The economics of the welfare state: Why do we have pension systems and unemployment insurance? What are reasons for government intervention?
    3. The health care system: Why do costs continue to rise in our health care system? How can we manage to limit these cost increases?

There is a close link between the methods-related goal and the content-related goal, as students will learn how these methods are used to answer the content-based questions. Students will read and discuss scientific articles that use econometric techniques in the field of health economics. And students will apply these techniques themselves using the statistical program Stata to answer questions in the field of health economics.

The course consists partially of lecture-style teaching and partially of working in small groups on assignments related to Stata or the scientific articles.



  • Stock JH, Watson MM. (2019). Introduction to Econometrics. 4th edition. Pearson.
  • Angrist J., & Pischke J. (2015). Mastering ‘Metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect. Princeton university press.
  • Angrist J., & Pischke J. (2008). Mostly harmless econometrics: An empiricist's companion. Princeton university press.
  • Barr N. (2012). Economics of the Welfare State. Oxford University Press. 5th edition
  • Scientific articles (will be made available via MS Teams)
  • Other literature on econometric methods (will be made available via MS Teams)